Georgia Davis

About Georgia Davis

After 12 years in journalism as a documentary producer, network radio bureau chief, political reporter, and public television news director, I joined the School of Geography and Development to pursue a PhD in medical geography.

My current scholarly work pulls from health geography, medical anthropology and communications studies to examine norms within changing science and society relationships, with a specific focus on ongoing debates about Lyme disease.

My previous work examined the way culture and perception are co-constitutive; using dance as an entry point for studying lingering colonial relations of power embedded within emerging artistic pratices.

Areas of Study

  • health geography
  • medical anthropology
  • cultural geography


ULTRA-X Ecological Hazards in Southwestern Metropolises: The Case of Mosquito Disease Vectors

Research Interests

  • science & society relationships
  • knowledge production & power
  • biocommunicability
  • biocitizenship
  • health social movements
  • the body
  • identity
  • gender
  • Lyme disease
  • dance


Selected Publications

2016    Davis, Georgia; Nichter, Mark. "The Lyme Wars: The Effects of Biocommunicability, Gender, & Epistemic Politics on Health Activation and Lyme Science". In Diagnostic Controversy: Cultural Perspectives on Competing Knowledge in Healthcare. Routledge: 215-246.
2014     Del Casino, Vincent; Butterworth, Melinda; Davis, Georgia. The Slippery Geographies of Polio. The Lancet Infectious Diseases. 14(7): 546-547.
2013     Conover, G. D. and J. C. Miller. "Teaching Human Geography Through Places in the Media: An Exploration of Critical Geographic Pedagogy Online." Journal of   Geography.
2013     Davis Conover, G. Mediating the Other through Dance: Geopolitics, Social Ordering, and Meaning-Making in American and Improvisational Tribal Style Dance. Geographies of Dance: Body, Movement, and Corporeal Negotiations. O. Kuhkle and A. Pine, Lexington  Books: 115-136.
2013     Conover, G. “Using Media Analysis to Examine the Complex Geographies of the LymeWars.” Association of American Geographers. Los Angeles.
2012     “Making Sides in the Lyme Debate.” Association of American Geographers. New York.
2011     “Using Media to Teach Media: On-line Pedagogy and Learner-Centered Education”. Association of American Geographers. Washington, D.C.
2011 - 2012 You Are Here: Journal of Creative Geography,  co-editor.
2007     “Dance as Cultural Practice.” International Conference on the Arts and Humanities. Oahu.
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Contact Information

Georgia Davis


Ph.D. in Human Geography from the University of Arizona (expected December 2016).

Postgraduate certificate in Medical Anthropology from the University of Arizona.

M.S. in Human Geography from Florida State University

B.A. in Communication from Florida State University

Dissertation Title

Biocommunicabilty, Trust, Nescience in the Complex Geographies of the Lyme Wars

Courses Taught

2009 - 2012 Lead Instructor, GEOG 205 Places in the Media

2008  Lead Instructor, GEOG 210 The Political and Cultural Geography of Globalization

2008 Lead Teaching Assistant: GEOG 150B1 Human Geography and Global Systems (previously INDV 102 Introduction to Human Geography)

2007 - 2008  Teaching Assistant GEOG 150B1 Human Geography and Global Systems