Jose Antonio Cabrera

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My work follows two broad lines of research:
(1) I am interested in capitalist subjectivities, particularly in emerging economies. My current work studies the entrepreneurial context in Monterrey, Mexico, and how the Entrepreneur, understood as a collective archetype, is given shape and form by different actors and their interactions: incubators, universities, business accelerators, government agencies, and enterprises. 
(2) I am also interested in methodology/methods. My background is quantitative (applied economics, social network analysis), and  I am always open to finding new ways to account for human interaction with their social environment. In my curent research (1) I am taking a narrative networks approach, accounting for cohesiveness and clustering across actors' opinions about the entreprneurial context of Monterrey, Mexico.
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Jose Antonio Cabrera
Phd candidate, graduate student
Office: ENR2 S470-CC