Miriam Gay-Antaki

About Miriam Gay-Antaki

I am a PhD candidate at the Universtiy of Arizona in the School of Geography and Development. My work focuses on human-environment relations, drawing from the frameworks of political ecology and feminist geography.  I use these frameworks to understand the ways in which societal structures shape the development and implementation of climate change policies, and how people, mostly those who are excluded in the decision-making process, actively accept, reject or change climate policies to fit their needs. 

More information about my research and work can be found in my website here http://mgayantakiblog.wordpress.com/

Areas of Study

Feminist Geography, Political Ecology, Gender and Climate Change, Critical Sustainable Development, Carbon Markets, Climate Negotiations, Mexico

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in the discourses and practices that surround gender and climate change. Through a feminist lens I hope to find the nuances and intricacies that climate change research has ommited thus far, especially how changes in climate affect the lives of the most marginalized. Voices that are often silenced during environmnetal research.

Selected Publications

Gay-Antaki, M. (2016). “Now We Have Equality”: A Feminist Political Ecology Analysis of Carbon Markets in Oaxaca, Mexico. Journal of Latin American Geography15(3), 49–66

Buechler, S., Hanson, A. M., Liverman, D., & Gay-Antaki, M. (2015) Advancing multi-disciplinary scholarship on gender, water, and environmental change through feminist political ecology. A Political Ecology of Women, Water and Global Environmental Change15, 226-246.

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Contact Information

Miriam Gay-Antaki
PhD Candidate
Office: ENR2 N592