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Nik is both a graduate of and an instructor in the MAS-GIS program at ASU.  He is currently a PhD student at Grand Canyon University pursuing studies in Psychology with the integration of technology & cognition.  

He is also employed as the Mapping Division Supervisor at RDO Integrated Controls where he promotes, educates, and sells Global Navigation Satellite System solutions. Specifically, he leverages hardware such as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) modular units and other GPS integrated controls to assist a variety of clients with their geo-spatial needs.  He teaches a 1-unit module on LiDAR in the UAGIST program.

Nik is an ISA certified arborist and has his Geographical Information Systems Professional certification (GISP). 

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Nik Smilovsky
MS-GIST Adjunct Instructor


MAS-GIS, Arizona State University