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Sarah Frederick is a second-year master’s student in the School of Geography and the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Prior to joining the lab, she obtained a degree in geology from The College of Wooster, which she put to work as a hydrogeologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Sarah’s research interests are broadly focused on the study of past hydroclimate to inform our understanding of the workings of our present environment, and the complex relationship between water resources and climate. Currently, she is working to develop and analyze paleoclimate reconstructions for the Missouri River headwaters region in Montana and Wyoming. Using tree-ring records, Sarah is attempting to disentangle the role of various climate parameters involved in driving runoff and streamflow – specifically the role of winter snowpack, spring precipitation, and temperature. This work will be used to analyze the occurrence of droughts and pluvials (periods of high streamflow), to determine the climate drivers behind these extreme hydroclimatic events and identify any shifts or trends over time. After completing her degree, Sarah hopes to help tackle water resource management challenges through work at the intersection of science and policy.

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Sarah Frederick
M.A. Student, Graduate Research Assistant in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research


B.A. in Geology, College of Wooster, May 2015