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The research question that guides my dissertation—How do four common university bioscience learning places (classrooms, labs, instructors’ offices, and advisors’ offices) welcome and support LGBTQ+ students?—is divided into three questions below. This project hypothesizes that students can develop and reinforce their identities differently in those different spaces. Each of these lends itself to the methods and analyses of the project and provides a way to explore the lead question in depth.

  • First, how are LGBTQ+ students’ identities as LGBTQ+ students of bioscience developed, reinforced, changed, or stigmatized in those places?
  • Second, how do LGBTQ+ bioscience students respond to and cope with stressors as students who share LGBTQ+ and bioscience identities?
  • Third, what can be learned about minority stress from LGBTQ+ students’ experiences, both positive and negative, in the spaces of bioscience education?

Research Interests

My interests are pretty interdisciplinary, with geography as a hub that's useful to think through the spatial & temporal consequences of my areas of interest. I'm more of a teacher than a researcher, so it's probably not surprising that my educational places are the sites of my research.

I'm also a trained writing instructor with an MFA in Creative Writing, and I continue to focus on writing craft, the pedagogies of teaching writing, and so forth.

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Contact Information

Tony Colella
PhD Candidate
Office: ENR2 S595-FF
Office Hours: by appointment


PhD Geography (began fall 2015, advanced to candidacy summer 2018)

MFA Creative Writing (University of Arizona, 2014)

BA English (Northern Arizona University / Antioch College, 2008)

Courses Taught

GEOG/ECOL/GEOS 438/338, Biogeography. Primary instructor, fall 2016, fall 2017, fall 2018, fall 2019.

SBS 200, Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences. Primary instructor, spring 2019

GEOG 170A1, Intro to Physical Geography Online. Primary instructor, summer 2018.

GEOG 170A1, Intro to Physical Geography. Teaching assistant, spring 2016 & spring 2017 & spring 2018.

GEOG 150C, Environment and Society Online. Primary instructor, summer 2016.

ENGL 109H, Honors Composition--Science: Fictions & Nonfiction. Primary instructor, spring 2014 & fall 2013.

ENGL 197A, Critical Reading & Thinking. For Med-Start program through University of Arizona College of Medicine. Primary instructor, summer 2013.

ENGL 102 & 101, First-Year Composition. Primary instructor, spring 2013 & fall 2012.