Why SGD?

It’s about people – The diverse faculty and students of the School of Geography and Development (SGD) excel at cutting-edge research at the intersection of physical and social sciences. Our research covers the entire spectrum of contemporary geography. Affiliated faculty from a broad range of disciplines complement SGD’s core strengths, just as numerous SGD faculty are affiliated with other University of Arizona schools and departments. SGD graduate students are also engaged in a variety of research areas, and we are particularly proud of their varied accomplishments. Graduate and professional students are also involved in two professional master’s degrees: the MS in Geographic Information Systems Technology and the Master's in Development Practice. We have over 200 undergraduate majors participating in four undergraduate degree programs.

It’s about opportunity – The University of Arizona is known for its ‘low walls,’ encouraging collaboration across campus. A strong culture of interdisciplinarity at SGD provides an excellent basis for productive scholarship in partnership with the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Biosphere2 (both within the College of Science), as well as a broad and diverse range of more specialized institutes focusing on the environment, tree-ring research, water resources, Latin America, and public policy, to list just a few. SGD is well represented among affiliated faculty of the Institute of the Environment, the UA center that promotes interdisciplinary environmental research. The University of Arizona is the state’s premier research university and is ranked among the top 20 of public research universities nationwide. In areas such as the environment, optics, space sciences, biosciences, and Southwest/border issues, UA is among the best in the world.

SGD also has a high job placement rate with very excting career trajectory paths: https://geography.arizona.edu/alumni-career-paths

It’s about innovation – SGD is recognized across campus, the nation, and globally for pioneering ‘engaged public geography’. Faculty hold a range of competitive grants for cutting-edge, societally-relevant collaborative research centered on stakeholder engagement. The Public Political Ecology Lab and the Water Resources and Policy Group are two examples of SGD faculty/graduate student efforts. Graduate certificate programs in Connecting Environmental Science and Decision Making, GIS, and Water Policy are also evidence of SGD’s recognition of the importance of engagement with partners and stakeholders outside academia.

In 2016, SGD moved into the new Environment and Natural Resources (ENR2) Complex.  You can learn more about ENR2 here.