The Master's in Development Practice (MDP) program brings together talented students and faculty who have dedicated themselves to reducing the grinding impacts of global poverty and defining the pathways to enhance well-being for the under-resourced and socially excluded.


The UA MDP is currently accepting applications on a case by case basis for Fall 2016. Email us at for more information. 

We accept U.S. Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows

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MDP News

The UA MDP proudly graduated 9 students this spring.  Ashley Erbe, Albert Castella, Padriac Finan, Sophia Jones, Kierstin Kohn, Valon Osmani, Emma Barker-Perez, Daniel Kabede, and Nikki Skelton all completed their MDP degree.

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Eight MDP students joined Stephanie Buechler and Kristina Bishop on a one day field trip to Sonora.  The group visited with small-scale farmers who grow and process fruit and vegetables for local consumption. Students learned about the challenged faced by small-scale producers including how the long-term drought has impacted production.

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