• Miriam Gay-Antaki and Diana Liverman publish PNAS paper identifying barriers to women’s participation in IPCC process


  • Agrivoltaics, a project led by SGD faculty Greg Barron-Gafford, is an experiment that combines agriculture with energy efficiency and involves growing plants beneath photovoltaic solar panels.


  • The University of Arizona’s Community and School Garden Program (CSGP) connects Tucson educators and community with university students eager to participate in the school garden movement occurring throughout the country. 


  • View of the Sonoran Desert

    View of the Sonoran Desert (Taylor Miller)

  • Sunset in the Sonoran Desert

    Sunset in the Sonoran Desert (Zack Guido)






Welcome to the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona

Welcome to the School of Geography and Development (SGD) at the University of Arizona, USA. SGD is part of a top-ranked; Research One, land-grant university and we cover the entire range of contemporary geography. Faculty and graduate student research interests range broadly, including the sustainability of cities; social theory and culture; climatology and environmental impacts in the American Southwest; economic development; landscape ecology and forest restoration; human impacts of global climate change; geographic epidemiology; international development and environmental sustainability; conflict over the public presentation of ethnic identity; local government restructuring; spatial interaction modeling; American migration; European fertility; GIS/visualization; environmental policy; and remote sensing of fire-induced vegetation change.


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