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you are here: the journal of creative geography is published by graduate students in the School of Geography & Development at the University of Arizona. The journal is an annual publication that seeks to explore the concept of place through articles, fiction, poetry, essays, maps, photographs, and art.

you are here encourages submissions from geographers, historians, anthropologists, architects, scientists, writers, artists, and anyone else interested in exploring creative geography.



In the previous issue, we ruminated on war. Words, missiles, legislation; from states flaunting military might, inflicting genocide on entire populations – to often overlooked micro-aggressions at the scale of the community and individual body.

It feels impossible to move beyond this theme of war when the conflicts persist. Over the last few months, international diplomacy seems all but obsolete and perhaps we are more divided, tense and angry than ever before. We cannot move beyond war, because these acts of war are all-consuming and seemingly never-ending.

Turning to one of the journal’s original contributors, ethnobotanist and literary naturalist Gary Nabhan:

“Regardless of how many casualties and refugees are already tallied by hospitals and relief agencies, many more people will be killed, wounded, and displaced unless we collectively yearn with all of our hearts for a different kind of news. It must be news of a certain peace, one in which people of many faiths and many colors are once again ensured the right to celebrate their own distinctive sense of place – not in exile, but with access to places they call home. To exercise the right to feel deeply placed in the world, each of us must give up using labels that make a particular valley my homeland, but not yours, or that make you a member of a “chosen people” in a manner that excludes me or my kin.”

As we enter the 20th year of publication for “You Are Here,” it might be timely to pose, what has changed in the last two decades? Is this transformation of the land and people for better, for worse, or are we stuck in stagnation? How do we envision moving forward? Is it possible to break these cycles of violence? We seek your visual and written plans for reconciliation, rehabilitation, decolonization and beyond. How do we name, work towards and actualize peace here and now?

— submissions due before June 10, 2018 —
[digital submissions only. contact us with any/all questions]



you are here is an annual publication that focuses on a variety of ideas about how place is interpreted, experienced, and created. Submissions have historically been based in poetry, prose, photography, original artwork and critical commentary. We also encourage entries that utilize new and diverse forms of media including, but not limited to, video, audio, animation, comics, web and graphic design, interactive programming, papier-mâché, etc. Text, video, audio, image, and combinations of these formats will all be considered. This year, the journal will be presented in both a printed version showcasing an abbreviated selection, and an extended online edition highlighting a broader range of submissions.   

All submissions must be received by July 24, 2017. Final selections will be made by October 2, 2017. Please note word and file size limits below (please use prudence regarding overall lengths if using multiple media formats). Please include with all submissions a cover letter containing complete contact information. Original material will not be returned unless requested. Submissions may be sent to, or mailed (along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:

you are here

School of Geography and Development

University of Arizona

ENR2 Building, South 4th floor

P.O. Box 210137

Tucson, AZ 85721-0137


We will only consider three poems per author, so please select the work that fits best with the issue theme.


Maximum length is 4,000 words. Shorter selections are more likely to be published. Writers are also encouraged to include photos, artwork, etc. to accompany their piece (following guidelines below).


Images and audiovisual files may be submitted via email if the total file size is less than 5MB. For larger images, our preference is to receive them via google drive. Images must be submitted in a .tiff file format at a resolution of at least 300 dpi at the size they are intended to be viewed online. You may also submit originals through the mail (address below), and you are here will convert them to this format. Audio or film submissions should be limited to 15 minutes; shorter works are welcome.

We encourage you to submit introductory text to accompany your images, film, or sound - please see text guidelines above. Please include your contact information (both email and postal addresses) on electronic or hard copy submissions. Finally, please include a SASE with correct postage if you want your work and/or disk returned to you.


you are here holds first North American rights on all published materials. After publication, you are here retains nonexclusive rights for the continued use of your work in both print and electronic forms. As to all other uses, you retain all rights. If you intend to sell any manuscripts or artwork previously published by you are here, we request that you acknowledge its first appearance in this journal.


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