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About the Journal

you are here: the journal of creative geography is published within the School of Geography, Development & Environment and is run by graduate students in the geography department, Department of American Indian Studies, and the School of Art at the University of Arizona. The journal, founded in 1998, is an annual publication that seeks to explore geographic themes through articles, fiction, poetry, essays, maps, photography, and other art forms.

As we approach the journal’s twenty-fifth issue, we want to take a brief moment to welcome back returning readers and to introduce ourselves to our growing audience. What are creative geographies?

For us, creative geographies are critical engagements of/with landscape, space, place, environment, and other geographic themes by way of artistic expression and practice. The scope and methodological directions of creative geographies are broad, experimental, and ever expanding. In this way, you here see creative geographies as an amorphous and transdisciplinary space. As editors who are citizens (Cassidy) and descendants (Raven) of Native nations, we are particularly interested in how creative practices and geographic imaginations intersect with critical knowledge traditions and locations on the “margins” of dominant geographic thought, knowledge, representation, and practice. We are invested in the stories and lived experiences of those whose very existence—being in and of a place—challenges the ubiquity of Empire. These strategic intersectional and in-between sites are rich with insight, discovery, transformation, critical perspectives, and new ways of thinking and knowing. Our journal aims to provide a platform for these conversations and subsequently expand the boundaries of geography from the view of its margins.

The editors of the 2024 issue, mapping all my relations, are Cassidy Schoenfelder (Oglala Lakota) and Raven Moffett. Our graphic designer and journal superhero is Deborah Ruiz.

To follow our activities and other creative geographical content, follow us on Twitter (@youarehereUA) and Instagram (@youarehereUA).

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