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Michelle Coe
Sustainable Environmental Education Coordinator for SEEC (Supporting Environmental Education and Communities), Community and School Garden Program
TEL: (520)626-4666
Office: ENR2 Building, 1064 E. Lowell St. Rm N558
Michelle graduated with a M.A. last year from the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona (UA). She began working with the Community and School Garden Program (CSGP) in 2013 as a graduate student, and now works on the SEEC (Supporting Environmental Education and Communities...
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Elizabeth S. Cordova's picture
Elizabeth S. Cordova
Program Coordinator
TEL: 520-621-7486
FAX: 520-621-2889
Office: ENR2 S-433
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Tawny Lochner's picture
Tawny Lochner
Geographic Information Systems Analyst
TEL: 520-626-4325
Office: ENR2 S535
Tawny has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, a Masters of Science in Geographic Information Systems, and has certifications in Database Design, Website Design, MIcrosoft certifications, certified Java programmer, hardware and software certifications, among others. She enjoys working...
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Debbie Marlow
TEL: 520-621-1027
Office: ENR2 S450
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Amanda Percy's picture
Amanda Percy
Administration Manager
TEL: 520-621-5096
FAX: 520-621-2889
Office: ENR2 S434
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Trevor Self
Geospatial Specialist
TEL: 520-626-9719
Office: ENR2 S529
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