Departmental Faculty

Kevin Anchukaitis

Associate Professor

  • Paleoclimatology
  • Dendrochronology
  • Earth systems geography

Jeffrey Banister

Director, Southwest Center

Associate Research Social Scientist

Research Professor

Photo of Laurel Bellante

Laurel Bellante


Director, Food Studies Degree Program

Stephano Bloch

Stefano Bloch

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory

  • Cultural geography
  • Critical criminology
  • Ethnographic research and writing
Photo of Stephanie Buechler

Stephanie Buechler

Associate Research Professor

  • Gender and the environment
  • Human response to environmental change
  • Water and Energy resource use
Gary Christopherson

Gary Christopherson

Associate Professor of Practice (career-track)

Director, Center for Applied Spatial Analysis

  • Geographic information systems and science
  • Near Eastern archeology
  • Spatial analysis
Photo of Andrew Cromrie

Andrew Comrie


Associate Director

  • Climate and health/disease vectors
  • Climate variability of the Southwest
  • Higher education leadership & management
Photo of Andrew Curley

Andrew Curley

Assistant Professor

  • indigenous geography
  • resources and development
  • water rights and infrastructure
Photo of Tom Evans

Tom Evans


  • Coupled human-natural systems
  • Environmental governance
  • Food and water security

Andrea K. Gerlak


  • Water governance and policy
  • Global environmental policy
  • Groundwater management
JP Jones III

John Paul Jones III

Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Professor of Geography

Douglass Building, Room 200W
Jason Jurjevich

Jason Jurjevich

Associate Professor of Practice

  • Population geography
  • Migration and mobility
  • Urban geography

Mark Kear

Assistant Professor

  • Financial geography
  • Urban geography
  • Biopolitics
Photo of Yoga Korgaonkar

Yoga Korgaonkar

Assistant Professor of Practice

  • Urban hydrology
  • Green infrastructure
  • Hydrologic modeling
Diana Liverman

Diana Liverman


Regents' Professor

  • Climate impacts
  • Vulnerability and adaptation
  • Political economy and political ecology

Chris Lukinbeal

Associate Professor

Director of GIST Programs

  • Cultural geography
  • Cartography
  • Visual culture
Sallie Marston

Sallie Marston


Director, Community and School Garden Program

Jennifer Mason

Assistant Professor of Practice

Orhon Myadar

Associate Professor

Photo of Lise Nelson

Lise Nelson

Associate Professor

  • Migration and citizenship
  • Feminist geography
  • Critical development studies
Photo of Fernando Sanchez

Fernando Sanchez

Assistant Professor of Practice

Coordinator, MS-GIST & P-GIST

  • Spatial statistical methods
  • Geospatial technologies
  • GIS applications

Christopher Scott

Professor and University Distinguished Scholar

Director, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Director, CAZMEX Consortium for Arizona-Mexico Arid Environments

  • Water-energy-food nexus
  • Resilience and adaptation
  • Water security

Katherine Snyder


Director, Master's Program in Development Practice

Lynn Staeheli


  • Urban geography
  • Political geography
  • Feminist geography

Willem van Leeuwen

Professor, SGD and SNRE

Director, Arizona Remote Sensing Center

Chair, Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis GIDP

  • Remote sensing
  • Earth System Resources
  • Science and decision making
 Margaret Wilder

Margaret Wilder

Associate Professor

School of Geography, Development & Environment (SGDE) and Center for Latin American Studies (LAS)

Affiliated Faculty, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Executive Committee, Arid Lands Resource Sciences (ALRS)

  • Critical human-environment
  • Political ecology
  • Water governance

Connie Woodhouse


  • Climatology
  • Science and decision making
  • Water resources