The School of Geography, Development & Environment strongly recommends that students pursue an internship during their studies at the University of Arizona.  

Internship Credit

Students may register for one to six credits of internship in any semester, including summer terms. Most students register for three credits during their junior or senior year. 

A maximum of six internship credit hours may be counted towards the major; twelve hours may count towards the overall degree.  

Internship Opportunities

There are some ongoing internship opportunities for students (see the “Internship Bulletin Board” in SGD), but students are also able to arrange their own internships in consultation with the Internship Coordinator.

Be sure to arrange for credit prior to pursuing the internship; students must be registered during the internship period. 

If you are interested in the School Garden Internship, you can find out more by viewing this video.  Contact Dr. Sallie Marston for more information. 


See Dr. Rushbrook, ENR2 S426,