Researchers & Instructors

Photo of Tony Colella

Tony Colella

Part-Time Faculty & Research Professional

  • Biogeography
  • Climate and environment
  • STEM education
Photo of James Cunningham

James Cunningham

Instructional Designer

Photo of Lauren Gifford

Lauren Gifford

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Global climate policy and earth system governance
  • Carbon markets and carbon offsets
  • Climate finance and tech
Andrew Grogan

Andrew Thomas Grogan

Assistant Director for GIST

Amanda HIlton

Adjunct Instructor

Photo of Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson

Assistant Director for Masters in Development Practice (MDP) Program

Photo of Burc Maruflu

Burc Maruflu

Coffee Lecturer

Ph.D., Q Grader, Q Processing

Centre for Coffee Excellence

Taylor Miller photo

Taylor Miller

Adjunct Instructor

  • Colonial/postcolonial theory
  • Urban geography
  • Political geography of the contemporary Middle East and Mediterranean

Rohit Mukherjee

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Anne Ranek

Adjunct Instructor

  • Feminist geopolitics
  • Children and youth geography
  • Political geography

Shelby Smith

Adjunct Instructor

  • Socio-spatial theory
  • Urban and state theory
  • Sanctuary cities

Tom Stieve

Adjunct Instructor

Photo of Jonathan Sullivan

Jonathan Sullivan

Post-doctoral Research Scientist

  • Global environmental change
  • Inequality
  • Remote sensing
Photo of Jill Williams

Jill Williams

Associate Research Professor & Director of the Women in Science and Engineering Program, Southwest Institute for Research on Women

  • Contemporary border enforcement practices
  • Operation of state sovereignty
  • Development of political and social subjectivities.
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