Researchers & Instructors

Photo of Tony Colella

Tony Colella

Part-Time Faculty & Research Professional

  • Biogeography
  • Climate and environment
  • STEM education
Photo of James Cunningham

James Cunningham

Instructional Designer

Jonathan Giezendanner

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Photo of Lauren Gifford

Lauren Gifford

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Global climate policy and earth system governance
  • Carbon markets and carbon offsets
  • Climate finance and tech
Andrew Grogan

Andrew Thomas Grogan

Assistant Director for GIST

Amanda HIlton

Adjunct Instructor

Photo of Burc Maruflu

Burc Maruflu

Coffee Lecturer

Ph.D., Q Grader, Q Processing

Centre for Coffee Excellence

Taylor Miller photo

Taylor Miller

Adjunct Instructor

  • Colonial/postcolonial theory
  • Urban geography
  • Political geography of the contemporary Middle East and Mediterranean

Rohit Mukherjee

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Anne Ranek

Adjunct Instructor

  • Feminist geopolitics
  • Children and youth geography
  • Political geography

Shelby Smith

Adjunct Instructor

  • Socio-spatial theory
  • Urban and state theory
  • Sanctuary cities

Tom Stieve

Adjunct Instructor

Photo of Jonathan Sullivan

Jonathan Sullivan

Post-doctoral Research Scientist

  • Global environmental change
  • Inequality
  • Remote sensing
Photo of Zhijie Zhang

Zhijie Zhang

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Landslide and Floods
  • Remote sensing
  • Deep Learning