UA MDP alumnae Michelle Schatz and Robin Al-haddad have published an article on the Praxis Center blog on the role of Rohingya women in promoting the human rights of their communities in Myanmar and in forced exile in Bangladesh. The article is co-authored with Gatjeak Gew. 

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On topics ranging from agricultural practices in Kenya and Mexico, to environmental protection in The Bahamas and Sierra Leone, to refugee services in Arizona, the food supply in Cambodia, and human rights in Haiti, this year's graduates of the MDP Program presented their work at a poster session on May 3, 2019. 

See below for the program and click on the links above to view the posters. 

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Spring 2019 Newsletter of the University of Arizona School of Geography and Development (SGD)

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Natalie Lucas is a triple alumna of the University of Arizona, having earned a Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) in 2015 as well as a BA degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law and a BS degree in Environmental Sciences in 2013. In this first edition of... Read more

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Come learn how to make online maps and applications using the latest technology by the world's leading GIS company, Esri.  No experience necessary, just bring your own laptop and be prepared to learn and be amazed at what you can create by the end of our workshop.... Read more

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Arizona Daily Star features UA community garden's exceptional work in article. See link for full story: https://tucson.... Read more

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Going All City is a book about traversing the urban environment and navigating everyday violence as a member of L.A.'s graffiti subculture. You can access the website by this link:


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“Most people I speak with about sustainable development think that crumbling infrastructure, social injustice, and entrenched poverty are things that happen 'out there'.  They aren't present in the U.S. because we've already solved those issues,” says Chris Mazzarella.

But, of course, he is quick to add, that is not at all the case. “Southern Arizona is one of the most impoverished regions of the U.S., existing... Read more

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The School of Geography and Development at The University Arizona, is seeking two Assistant Professors of Practice (Career Track) to join our dynamic faculty and students and advance the development and instruction in our on-line BS and MS programs in Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIST), which are quickly growing programs ( This is an exciting opportunity to join a highly ranked geography... Read more

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