B.S. Urban & Regional Development

Bachelor of Science

Urban & Regional Development

Study the links between urban and regional growth, location of economic activity, land development, and real estate.

About the Major

The urban and regional development major addresses questions of urban and regional growth, location of economic activity, land development, and real estate. You will learn to analyze data, use cartographic and geographic information systems, and work in the field and in remote-sensing laboratories.

Internships are integral to the major. Course credit and on-the-job experience can be earned in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 

Areas of Study

You'll complete courses that focus on the urban population and environment in four major areas: 

  • Statistics and economics courses cover the fundamentals of statistical analysis on the economical and social impacts on urban environments.
  • Core geography courses focus on the urban, population, and economical perspectives of geography and their impacts.
  • Methods courses engage you in the technology and analysis methods that will assist you in better understanding urban environments.
  • Internships and capstones are opportunities for you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you acquired during your studies with this program.

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Required Minor

All majors in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences require a minor (or double major). We encourage you to seek out departments with courses that complements the skills you learn in this program. Some areas of interest you may look into include business, economics, statistics, information science, environmental science, public policy and administration.

Career Pathways

After completion of this program, our graduates are successful in both public and private sectors of the development industry. These positions may include:

  • Regional planner
  • Land development project manager
  • City manager
  • Sustainability specialist
  • GIS specialist
  • Real estate agent