Emeritus Faculty

Wayne Decker

Director, International Studies

Lay James Gibson

University of Arizona Distinguished Outreach Professor, Emeritus

Diana Liverman

Diana Liverman

Regents' Professor Emerita

  • Climate impacts
  • Vulnerability and adaptation
  • Political economy and political ecology
Sallie Marston

Sallie Marston

Regents Professor Emerita

Co-Founder and Consultant, School Garden Workshop

Beth Mitchneck

Professor Emerita

  • Territorially displaced populations
  • Social networks of migrants
  • Gender equity in STEM/higher education
Photo of Janice Monk

Janice Monk

Research Professor, School of Geography and Development Research Social Scientist Emerita, Southwest Institute for Research on Women

  • Gender and feminist geography
  • Geography in higher education
  • international collaboration

David Plane

Professor Emeritus

Thomas Saarinen

Professor Emeritus

(In Memory of) Lynn Staeheli


  • Urban geography
  • Political geography
  • Feminist geography