Undergraduate Minors

We offer six undergraduate minors covering areas such geography, urban and regional development, environmental studies, food studies, geographic information science and we participate in the Southwest Studies and JEDI minors offered through SBS.

How to Declare

Any advisor can declare our minors, but you can also declare a minor online.

To learn more about our minors, contact our Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Minor Options

Environmental Studies


  • EVS 260 

  • GEOG 220, 230, or 240 or ENVS 200 

  • 1 Methods Course (GEOG 222, 303, 330, 357, 403, 416A, 417 are the methods courses with no prerequisites ) 


  • 3 elective courses chosen from the “Environmental Social Science and Policy” course listings under the major requirement 

See checklist

Student walking along Biosphere2 taking in the scenery

Antelope canyon walls

Geography Minor


  • GEOG 210: Political and Cultural Geography of Globalization or GEOG 251: World Regional Geography 

  • GEOG 220, 230, or 240     

  • 1 GEOG Methods course (222, 303, 330, 357, 416A, 417, and 457 are the methods courses with no prerequisites) 

Electives:  Any 3 GEOG courses 200-level or greater; a minimum of 9 upper-division units is required for the minor 

See Checklist

Urban & Regional Development


  • Introductory Economics (ECON 200 or other approved ECON course) 

Core Classes: 

  • At least 2 of the following: GEOG 302, 305, 367, 371, or 379 


  • At least 1 of the following:  GEOG 222, GEOG 303, 330, 357, 416A, 417 or other approved methods course 


  • 2 GEOG courses 200-level or greater (can be from core or methods); a minimum of 9 upper-division units is required for the minor 

See checklist

Landscape of UA and surrounding Tucson community


Food Studies Minor

Core Classes: Complete 9 units of the following: FOOD 101, 102, 300, 302, 360, or 498

Electives:  Complete 9 units (see checklist)

See Checklist

Geographic Information Science (in person)

Required Core (all 4 classes):

Note that 417 is offered Fall and Spring; 330 is offered Fall and Summer; 416A and 457 are offered Fall. 

  • GEOG 330 (crosslisted with GEOS, SWES, WSM): Remote Sensing 

  • GEOG 416A (crosslisted with RNR 416A): Computer Cartography 

  • GEOG 417 (crosslisted with RNR 417): Geographic Information Science 

  • GEOG 457: Statistics 

Electives (select 2; see checklist for options) 

See checklist



Geographic Information Systems Technology (online)

Offered through Arizona Online. This is a separate campus. You must apply to Arizona Online and be accepted before you can take the BS-GIST minor. 

See minor requirements


Southwest Studies 

This specialty minor combines geography, anthropology, history, literature and more to offer a program rooted in the intensive study of the peoples, places, and landscapes of the Southwest and borderlands region. Declare the minor online or contact the minor advisor, Laura Owen, for more information.


  • SBS 300: Introduction to Southwest Studies 


Choose two from:

  • GEOG 250, GEOG 408, ANTH 418, ENGL 424, HIST 446


  • 3 elective choices (see minor checklist)

See Checklist

White church.