Andrew Comrie

Andrew Comrie

Chief Academic Officer, Arizona Board of Regents

ENR2 S531

I am an an interdisciplinary climate scientist, geographer, and former Provost. My research is in two broad areas. The first links climate with health, pathogens and vectors as well as with broader atmospheric environmental issues, and focuses on questions such as How do disease patterns shift in space and time with changes in climate? The second draws on my experience as a senior university leader, and examines questions in higher education such as How does the money really flow to support the university's multiple missions?

My work in geography centers on connections between the atmospheric environment and related natural and social systems, emphasizing the links between environment and society with a focus on health. The range of my research includes climate and disease, synoptic climatology, urban and regional air pollution, climate variability and change, and techniques for mapping climate and environmental information. My higher education scholarship draws on my experience as a senior university leader, analyzing how universities work in order to advance academic, leadership and financial goals, so that we can better educate students, discover new knowledge and serve the public.

The interdisciplinary nature of my research means that I work in collaboration with faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and undergraduates in the school and from a variety of programs across campus. My research has been supported by numerous federal, state and local agencies, and I have served as a journal editor as well as a member of numerous professional and science advisory boards and committees.