John Paul Jones III

Dean, International Education, Arizona International
Professor of Geography

University Services Building, Room 322

I am a human geographer with a long held interest in social theory, the history of geographic thought, and geographic methodology. Early on I was active in debates over spatial science and contributed methodologically to the spatial contextualization of regression models. I have written on theories of social space and have contributed to debates on scale within human geography. Most of my work since the 1990s has been informed by developments in critical social and cultural theory, especially poststructuralism. This research has examined issues of representation, identity, and spatial ontology and epistemology. Some past NSF-funded collaborations include examinations of: the feminization of poverty in the US; the globalization of the civil society sector in Oaxaca, Mexico; the socio-political foundations of mosquito management in southern Arizona; and the co-productions of scientists and artists in areas of climate change, geovisualization, and bioart.