Water issues are hard, complicated, and compelling. Water is a fundamental theme in the Western United States and other arid regions around the world. More recently, even wet regions have come to face similar problems of water scarcity and conflict, due to growing demands and competition for water.

How people use and manage water is the core concern of water policy. Although the scientific and technical aspects of water issues are essential, the social and political aspects are now our larger challenge.

The University of Arizona has responded to the growing public and professional interest in water policy by establishing a new Graduate Certificate in Water Policy. The Certificate builds on the world-renowned expertise of UA faculty and programs in all aspects of water resources.

The University of Arizona's Graduate Certificate in Water Policy offers breadth and depth of education. The Certificate is intended for two different and complementary groups of people who want to build their expertise in water policy: working professionals pursuing the Certificate only and UA graduate students concurrently enrolled in a graduate degree program. There is flexibility in both course selection and schedule, to meet the specific needs and interests of a variety of students. The program is interdisciplinary. Although there are some administrative details that differ between working professionals and UA graduate students, all people admitted to the program must fulfill the same substantive requirements.

To earn the Water Policy Certificate, students must successfully pass 12 units of graduate credit, which is typically equivalent to four semester-long courses. These courses can be taken during a single semester of full-time study or spread out over two or three years. Much of the course-work emphasizes local and regional water policy issues in Arizona and the Southwestern U.S. However, students can also focus on broader national and international issues.

Many academic and professional programs at University of Arizona participate in the Graduate Certificate in Water Policy, including departments in the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, Law, Public Health, Science, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Faculty in the Water Resources Research Center, the School of Geography and Development, and the Dept. of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science led the design of the Certificate program, with the participation of many colleagues from across the campus.

Please see https://apply.grad.arizona.edu/ to apply. For more information, please see the rest of this website, including our FAQ, or contact the program's Faculty Coordinator, Carl J. Bauer (see our Contacts list). University of Arizona graduate students (both current and prospective) should also discuss the Water Policy Certificate with their program advisors.