Mail and Building Closure Information



All units are responsible for collecting their mail at least once a week and continuing to distribute it to their employees by whatever means works for your unit. While still following COVID-19 prevention protocols, of course.

  • UA Postal Services are NOT delivering mail to the buildings, they are keeping all mail at the UA’s distribution center.
    • You can pick up your units mail until 2 pm each day.  (Amanda Percy will coordinate mail and package pick up for SGD)
    • They are NOT located on campus, their address: The Paul and Alice Baker Distribution Center, 3740 E. 34th Street.
  • Central Receiving (AZ Buyways purchases) is STILL attempting to deliver packages.
    • If the buildings are locked, they will keep track and bring it back to the warehouse. If the building is open, they will attempt a package delivery.
    • If you would like your packages held at their distribution center for pick up, contact Jeff Wilson at 621-3062 to coordinate a pick up.
    • Same pick up address as mail, till 2 pm each day: The Paul and Alice Baker Distribution Center, 3740 E. 34th Street.

Building Closures

Recent messaging from the Provost office states that it is okay to completely close buildings if all personnel can be effectively moved to work-from-home assignments.  Please ask each of your official Building Managers to work with Chris Kopach, AVP for Facilities Management, or his Executive Assistant, Tanya Terranova, by email ( to decide which buildings can be closed, and please make sure to put signage on the doors to help people get access in case of an emergency need. Informing FM can also help them determine if there are any energy savings that can be achieved.

As of now, it appears that nearly all SBS occupied building entrances will remain locked until you communicate otherwise to FM and/or campus returns to normal operations.

People with keys are still able to access their spaces at this time and as needed to collect items and/or use departmental/campus resources like printers and scanners. This could change depending on how things continue to evolve.  If you need ENR2 building access, please email Amanda Percy at

Classrooms to be Locked

Centrally scheduled classrooms will be locked to deter students from congregating in them, BUT faculty to be able to access them to deliver their online classes or record their lessons.  A process for reserving centrally scheduled classrooms through room and course scheduling will be communicated to instructors, who are actively teaching, today. If you manage departmentally scheduled classroom, these too should be locked, but made available by reservation to your faculty.

Forwarding UA Phone Numbers

As we all transition to working remotely, please consider your work phone and voicemail. You have the option to forward your work number to a cell or home number. Note though, you will not receive the voicemails via your email or on your cisco unity voicemailbox. You would have to check your cell or home voicemail box for messages. Instructions to forward your number are below:

  • From your work phone set, pick up the receiver and dial *72, then dial the telephone number you are forwarding to (non-local numbers need to have a 1 + the area code). You will hear a stutter tone (dat, dat, dat) and the forwarding is complete.
  • Make sure to test it before leaving.
  • If you are not able to access campus, you can contact Telecommunications to forward your number for you at no cost. You can call them at 621-8999 or email at
  • To return the lines to normal, you go to the from telephone set, again get dial tone, and dial “*73”.  This returns the set to normal operation. 

Your other option is to just monitor your email for voicemails or use the web app

Cleaning on Campus

By now , FM Custodial Supervisors have dropped off disinfecting bottles to each of your buildings. This disinfectant is approved by the EPA to kill the Coronavirus. Custodial Supervisors will be checking with your buildings on a routine basis and will replenish these as needed.

Note, this cleaner needs to remain on the surface for ten minutes to completely deactivate all microbes.

If you need disinfectant or custodial assistance, please call the FM Workdesk at 621-3000.

Please see the link below from the CDC that states with proper hand-washing , for 20 seconds, Gojo Hand Soap removes germs from your hands.