Certificate Programs



The School of Geography participates in several Graduate Certificate programs offered through the UA Grad College. Eligible students hold a Bachelor’s degree from the UA or an institution of similar standing. Each certificate program links a series of credit-bearing courses at the graduate level into a coherent body of study. These stand-alone programs provide continuing education to professionals and present an attractive option for M.A./Ph.D. students wishing to formalize interdisciplinary expertise beyond the School of Geography. Geography faculty play a major role in the certificate programs highlighted below.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Professional GIST Graduate Certificate (PGIST)

Through courses and hands-on application, these two certificates offers state-of-the-art training in the high growth industry of GIS. The Professional GIST Graduate Certificate (PGIST) is offered online and can be obtained in less than one year.  The in person GIS certificate ideal for graduate students who wish to augment their graduate degrees.  The main difference is that the PGIST is obtained online and the GIS certifcate is done in person.  These certificates are ideal for graduate students, recent graduates who want more training before they enter the work world, and professionals who need to develop a new skill set or formalize their training in GIS. 

Water Policy

Water issues are hard, complicated, and compelling. How people use and manage water is the core concern of water policy. This certificate builds on the world-renowned expertise of UA faculty and programs in all aspects of water resources.  Visit the website for more information.