Water Resources and Policy


 The availability of adequate water supplies and the management of increasingly scarce water resources are some of the most critical issues facing the world today, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. In the Southwestern United States, the convergence of growth, changing water demands, drought, and climate change has thrust these issues to the forefront. In response, the School of Geography and Development is increasingly focusing on water-society linkages here in the Southwest and internationally, with particular emphasis on Latin America and South Asia. As geographers with interdisciplinary training, we are well positioned to take a lead role in better understanding these complex issues and contributing to the resolution of the associated challenges.

The school’s team of core faculty has research interests and applied experience that include:

  • Comparative and international water law and policy; Chile, Western U.S., Spain (Carl Bauer).
  • Water management and policy, water and urban growth, water reuse, energy-water nexus, climate and water variability; Southwest U.S., Mexico, South Asia (Christopher Scott).
  • Paleohydrology and applications to resource management; Western U.S. (Connie Woodhouse).

Other regular and adjunct faculty bring numerous additional water-related interests:

  • Climate, climate change and variability, drought; U.S. and international (Andrew Comrie).
  • Energy, water resources and sustainability; dryland environments (Stephen Yool).

In addition, there are a variety of water-related programs and institutes throughout the University of Arizona that offer a broad range of collaborative opportunities. With an expanding and diverse cadre of exceptional graduate students, wide-ranging techniques, and diverse theoretical approaches, the School of Geography and Development is a leading source of expertise and graduate education in this field.


Graduate Certificate in Water Policy