SGD Colloquium-Dr. Rashad Shabazz

The Hidden Geography of the Minneapolis Sound

Dr. Rashad Shabazz
School of Social Transformation
Arizona State University

Abstract:  The talk will examine the social and spatial production of the Minneapolis Sound (the music that Prince made famous) from the mid 19th century until the mid 1970s. Through migration, political economy, public school policy and housing, this talk will show that the Minneapolis Sound was not the creation of one genius but rather the byproduct of social conditions.

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Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:30

SGD Special Forum

Please join the School of Geography and Development this Friday, October 20th for a special forum on Dismantling White Supremacy in Our Classrooms and Communities.

This week's SGD Colloquium will be conducted as a hybrid panel/moderated forum. After an initial conversation with our invited speakers, members of our student body, faculty, and community are welcome share ideas about how to better support equity and diversity in Tucson through maintaining engaged and safe learning spaces on campus.


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Fri, 10/20/2017 - 15:30

Michelle Schatz

Michelle came into the MDP after completing a bachelor’s in community planning from Northern Arizona University. Her interest in development practice stemmed from working with a grass-roots nonprofit in Indonesia that facilitated direct trade for poor coffee farmers. Seeing the complexities of poverty and inequality in development has fueled her passion to create sustainable, equitable and culturally-appropriate approaches to the challenges of development.


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