Issahaku Mahama

MDP Student

Issahaku Mahama is a Ghanaian by birth and nationality. He holds a Bachelor degree in Management Studies from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Development Practice at the University of Arizona.

Issahaku's areaa of interest in the MDP Program include international development and management, global and public health, development economics, international disaster management, and environmental change and sustainable agriculture across Ghana, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean Regions.

His  motivation towards the MDP Program stems from its interdisciplinary nature, giving students the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects to gain expertise across different subject areas and also acquire hands on practical experiences on the field and area of interests. He also has a great passion for development-oriented programs that are sustainable and long-term to bring about prosperity, wealth creation and human dignity.

Issahaku possessed over 8 years experienced as a Municipal Administrator with the National Disaster Management Organization -- NADMO Asokore Mampong Municipal, where he has been able to participate, design, implement and embark on several Disaster Risk Reduction programs such as comprehensive public education and sensitization programs to create awareness about the dangers of fires, floods and other disasters and to mitigate its occurrences within the Municipality and the Region as a whole. Disaster Assessments include disaster and household data as well as relief, resettlement and rehabilitation programmes which includes resilience and livelihoods empowerments.

Issahaku’s plans for the future is to establish a “Research Think Tank” purposely to embark on extensive research works world-wide in partnership with other development-oriented organizations such as the UN, USAID, and UNDP within the developing economies especially Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean on sustainable development programs and policies across many subject areas.

Secondly, he also intends to champion a 10-15-year development model for Ghana and Africa by overt learning from other developed countries with similar characteristics through research, academia, and advocacy.

Finally, he hopes to be involved in politics as an alternative tool to get his vision for Ghana, Africa and the world at large on sustainable development policies that bring about prosperity, wealth creation and human dignity come to fruition.