Janice Monk

Janice Monk

Research Professor, School of Geography and Development Research Social Scientist Emerita, Southwest Institute for Research on Women

Previous areas of work include feminist/gender studies and projects related to graduate education in geography. The feminist work is both geographic and interdisciplinary. My research looks at the ways in which gender has shaped the development of geographic institutions and women's experiences within them. I also find it very interesting to examine how feminist geography has been situated internationally. Working with Gender Commission of the International Geographical Union, I used to pursue this research while establishing collaborations and friendships in a number of parts of the world.

The interdisciplinary work reflects my association with the Southwest Institute for Research on Women, which I directed for over two decades. There projects addressed women's employment, education, health, and culture. They involved collaborations across the Southwest and in northwestern Mexico with researchers and community agencies. At SIROW we also encouraged science-math education for girls and bringing women's studies and international studies together. 

Much of my work in geography education has been concerned with university teaching and graduate education. I have contributed to the Geography Faculty Development Alliance, which mentors early career faculty, and previous co-principal investigator for the Association of American Geographer's (AAG) EDGE projects that are researching career opportunities and professional development for MA and PhD students. They are also creating resources for departments and students. 

The work with the AAG also reflects my long-term connections in its activities. I was privileged to serve as AAG President in 2001-2002 and as a Senior Fellow I used to coordinate a program to engage retired geographers in support of the profession.