Lauren Fritzsche

Lauren Fritzsche

Ph.D. Student

 I am a PhD candidate in Geography and am pursuing a minor in Gender & Women's Studies and a certificate in College Teaching. My specializations and research interests center around refugee resettlement, race and racialization, belonging and exclusion, and citizenship. My dissertation research examines these themes across two refugee resettlement sites in the U.S. 

In addition to my dissertation work, I also research and write about critical and anti-oppressive pedagogy in geography. Related to this line of inquiry, I am working with a colleague on an empirical project about graduate curriculum in geography in which we examine how topics pertaining to colonialism, race and racism, and gender are integrated and addressed in the discipline. 

Please see my personal website for more information as well as for a recent version of my CV.


Fritzsche, L. (2021). Integrating contemplative pedagogy and anti-oppressive pedagogy in geography higher education classroomsJournal of Geography in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/03098265.2021.1946766.

Fritzsche, L., & Nelson, L. (2020). Refugee resettlement, place, and the politics of IslamophobiaSocial & Cultural Geography21(4), 508-526.