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My research investigates the intersection of cultural geography with cartography, landscape, media, and visual culture.  I am a founding editor for the book series Media Geography at Mainz and an Associate Editor for the journal Geohumanities.

Director of the Geographic Information Systems Technology programs ( 

Areas of Study

Cultural Geography, Cartography, Cinema, Visual Culture

Research Interests

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Selected Publications


Mains, Susan, Julie Cupples, and Chris Lukinbeal.  (eds).  Mediated Geographies/Geographies of Media, Science and Business Media series, International Handbooks of Human Geography.  Forthcoming.

Fletchall, Ann, Chris Lukinbeal, and Kevin McHugh.   2012.  Place, Television, and the Real Orange County.  Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag. 

Lukinbeal, Chris and Stefan Zimmermann (eds).  2008.  The Geography of Cinema – a Cinematic World.  Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag. (as an ebook here).


Selected Articles:


Lukinbeal, Chris.  2016.  Scale and its HistoriesYearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 78: 1-13.

Lukinbeal, Chris and Janice Monk.  Masters of Science in Geographic Information Systems Degree Programs in the United StatesProfessional Geographer.  2015.

Lukinbeal, Chris and Laura Sharp.  Performing America’s Toughest Sheriff: Media as Practice in Joe Arpaio’s Old WestGeojournal.  2015.

Lukinbeal, Chris and Laura SharpLiving Montage: A Gastronomy of the Eye.  2014. You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography.

Lukinbeal, Chris.  2014. Geographic Media LiteracyJournal of Geography 113(2): 41-46.

Lukinbeal, Chris and Laura Sharp. 2014. Geography and Film. In, Oxford Bibliographies in Geography. Ed. Barney Warf. New York: Oxford University Press.

Lukinbeal, Chris and Janice Monk.  2013.  Masters of Science in Geographic Information Systems Technology.  In Enhancement Themes, Quality Assurance Agency Scotland

 Lukinbeal Chris, Ann Fletchall.  2013.  The Hollowed/Hallowed Ground of Cinematic Tourism.  In, Mediating the Tourist Experience: From Brochures to  Virtual Encounters, pp 223-236.  Edited by Lester, J, Scarles, C. & Duncan, T.  Surrey: Ashgate.

Lukinbeal, Chris.  2012.  “On Location" Filming in San Diego County from 1985—2005: How a Cinematic Landscape is Formed Through Incorporative Tasks and Represented through Mapped Inscriptions.  Annals of the Association of American Geographers 102(1): 171-190.

Lukinbeal, Chris, Patricia Price, Cayla Buell.  2012.  Rethinking ‘Diversity’ Through Analyzing Residential Segregation among Hispanics in Phoenix, Miami and Chicago.  Professional Geographer 64(1): 109-124.

Price, Patricia, Chris Lukinbeal, Richard Gioioso, Daniel D. Arreola, Damián Fernández, Timothy Ready, Maria de los Angeles Torres.  2011.  Placing Latino Civic Engagement.  Urban Geography 32(2): 179-207.

Allen, Casey and Chris Lukinbeal.  2011. Practicing Physical Geography: An Actor-Network View of Physical Geography Exemplified by the Rock Art Stability Index.  Progress in Physical Geography 35(2): 227-248.

Lukinbeal, Chris, Daniel D. Arreola, and D. Drew Lucio.  2010.  Mexican Urban Colonias in the Salt River Valley of Arizona. Geographical Review 100(1): 12-34.

Lopez, Natalie and Chris Lukinbeal.  2010.  Comparing Police and Residents' Perceptions of Crime using Mental Maps in GIS.  Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 72.

Myint, Soe, Jyoti Jain, Chris Lukinbeal, Francisco Lara-Valencia.  2010.  Simulating Urban Growth on the U.S.-Mexico border: Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora.  Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 36(3): 166–184.

Finn, John, and Chris Lukinbeal.  2009.  Musical Cartographies: Ritmos de los Barrios de la Habana.  In, Sound, Society and the Geography of Popular Music. pp. 127-144.  Edited by Ola Johansson and Thomas Bell. Surrey, England: Ashgate.

Lukinbeal, Chris, Christina B. Kennedy; John Paul Jones III; John Finn; Keith A. Woodward; David Nelson; Zane Austin Grant; Nicole Antonopoulos; Ari Palos; Carol Atkinson-Palombo.  2007.  Mediated Geographies: Critical Pedagogy and Geographic Education.  Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 69: 31-44.

Lukinbeal, Chris and Stefan Zimmermann.  2006.  Film Geography: A New Subfield.  Erdkunde, 60(4): 315-326.

Lukinbeal, Chris.  2006.  Runaway Hollywood: Cold Mountain, Romania.  Erdkunde, 60(4): 337-345.

Lukinbeal, Chris.  2005.  Cinematic Landscapes.  Journal of Cultural Geography 23(1): 3-22.

Lukinbeal, Chris.  2004. The Rise of Regional Film Production Centers in North America, 1984-1997.  GeoJournal 59(4): 307-321.

Lukinbeal, Chris, and Stuart Aitken.  1998.  Sex, Violence and the Weather: Male Hysteria, Scale and the Fractal Geographies of Patriarchy.  In, Places Through the Body.  pp. 356-380.  Edited by Heidi Nast and Steve Pile. New York: Routledge.

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Chris Lukinbeal
Associate Professor, Director of GIST Programs
Telephone: 520-621-6181
Fax: 520-621-2889
Office: ENR2 S507


Ph.D. 2000, Geography, San Diego State / University of California, Santa Barbara
M.A. 1995, Geography, California State University, Hayward
B.S 1992, Geography, California State University, Hayward