Greg Barron-Gafford

About Greg Barron-Gafford

Associate Professor; Biogeography and Ecosystem Science

School of Geography and Development and with Biosphere 2, The University of Arizona

Research Interests

I'm a Biogeographer, which means my science sits at that exciting nexus of understanding how external forces (like environmental and human factors) and internal characteristics (like leaf biochemistry and plant functional type) act as determinants of where species can live and thrive. 

The Barron-Gafford research group studies the interactive effects of vegetation and climate change on plant & ecosystem function to inform forecasting and decision makers. We tackle questions related to fields of Biogeography, Plant Ecophysiology, Ecosystem Ecology, Ecohydrology, and Critical Zone Science. We study how semiarid plants and ecosystems respond to threats from drought, climate change, and human pressures like over grazing or clearing for renewable energy production.

As a group, we are Biogeographers
We study the distribution of species and ecosystems across geographic space and through geologic time. To understand historic, current, and future distributions, you have to know about the climate, the sensitivities of  organisms to environmental stressors, how efficiently each uses resources, and how the species interact with one another.

We are Ecologists and Plant Physiologists

We examine these interactions among organisms and their environment, working across the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

We are Ecosystem Scientists
We make use of multi-scale approaches to quantify patterns of carbon & water flux in space and time using a suite of traditional and new technologies.
Our research group is committed to fostering an inclusive learning and working environment that embracea the diversity of experiences and interests represented in our communities and the broader world.

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Selected Publications

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Contact Information

Greg Barron-Gafford
Associate Professor & SGD Associate Director
Telephone: 520-548-0388
Office: ENR2 S513


Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona ~ 2010

M.S. Forest Ecology, University of Georgia ~ 2001

B.S. Environmental Science, Texas Christian University ~ 1998

Courses Taught

Biogeography (GEOG 438 / 538) - Falls

Our Diverse Biosphere (GEOG 220) - Springs

Occasionally I also teach:

Plant Ecophysiology: Core principles and practical applications

Integrated Science: Learning about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report