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My research is broadly located within the fields of urban, political and feminist geographies.  Substantively, my research explores big, contentious topics such as 'democracy', 'citizenship' and 'politics.'  More concretely, I have explored topics related to publicly accessible space, protest and activism, immigration and refugees, the role of faith, religion and spirituality in public life.  I am currently working on three projects:  public life and democracy in the US and UK, youth and politics in divided societies (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, and South Africa), and refugees from the MENA region to Europe. 


Areas of Study

Political, Urban, Feminist Geographies

Democracy, Citizenship, Care, Public Space, Protest and Activism, Faith and Religion, Immigration and Refugees, Social Welfare, Education

Young people, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, faith

Ethnography, participatory and creative methods


I am currently working on 3 projects: 

"Democracy and Public Life in the United States and United Kingdom", National Science Foundation, with Don Mitchell

"Youth Citizenship in Divided Societies:  Between Civil Society, Nation, and Cosmopolitanism", European Research Council

"Engaging Humanitarianism:  Caring for the Distant and Proximate 'Other'", National Science Foundation (under review), with Luiza Bialasiewicz and David Marshall



Selected Publications

On Citizenship Generally

"Whose Responsibility Is It?  Obligation, Citizenship and Social Welfare," 2013, Antipode, 45: 521-540.

"Contested Engagements:  Youth and the Politics of Citizenship," with Kafui Attoh and Don Mitchell, 2013, Space and Politiy, 17: 88-105.

"Dreaming of the Ordinary:  Citizenship and the Complex Geographies of Daily Life," with Patricia Ehrkam, Helga Leitner, and Caroline Nagel, Progress in Human Geography, 36:  627-643.

"Where's Citizenship?", 2011, Progress in Human Geography, 35:  393-400.


On Youth and Citizenship in Divided Societies

"Circulations and the Entanglements of Citizenship Formation,"  with David Marshall and Naomi Maynard, 2016, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 106, 377-384.

"Learning Citizenship:  Civility, Civil Society, and the Possibilities of Citizenship," with Alex Jeffrey, in K. Kallio, S. Mills, and T. Skelton (eds) Geography of Children and Young People (Vol 7):  Politics, Citizenship, and Rights, pp. 497-514, New York:  Springer

"International Donors, NGOs and the Politics of Youth Citizenship in Contemporary Lebanon," with Caroline Nagel, 2015, Geopolitics, 20: 223-47.

"'For the Future of the Nation':  Citizenship, Education, and Nation in South Africa," with Daniel Hammett, 2013, Political Geography, 32:  32-41.


On Public Life and Publicly Accessible Spaces

"Whose City? What Politics?  Contentious and Non-contentious Spaces on Colorado's front Range," with Don Mitchell and Kafui Attoh, 2014, Urban Studies, DOI: 10.1177/0042098014550460.

"Policing-Centered Community Cohesion in Two British Cities,"  with Don Mitchell and Kafui Attoh, in R. Lippert and K. Walby (eds). Policing Cities:  Urban Securitization and Regulation in a 21st Century World, New York:  Routledge.

The People's Property?  Power, Politics, and the Public, with Don Mitchell, 2008, New York:  Routledge.

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Contact Information

Lynn Staeheli
Telephone: 520-626-7062
Office: ENR2 S517


BA, 1980, University of Washington

MS, 1983, Pennsylvania State University

PhD, 1989, University of Washington

Courses Taught

At Arizona, I have taught Geography 696i, Urban Geography and Geography 500, Research Design.