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My work is located at the intersection of socio-spatial theory and politics. I am particularly interested in how different sites shape the production of subjectivities. At the empirical level I focus on everyday spaces—neighborhoods, streets, the home, the studio and the lab, the garden—and the “doings” and “sayings” that constitute them. My most recent research examines how experiential learning in school gardens and their wider campus ecologies shapes the subjectivities of low-income children, particularly the ways collaboration and caring for human and non-human nature produces an ethical subject able to engage with a complex world of “others”


Areas of Study

United States




The University of Arizona Community and School Garden Program

The Community and School Garden Program (CSGP) connects children in low-income schools in Tucson with our over 4,000 year agricultural legacy by planting and maintaining gardens in these schools. Using the garden as a dynamic educational tool, we work with community members to connect students to their local food system and food history, and use the gardens as learning labs, thereby nourishing not only the body but also the mind.

Begun in 2009, the CSGP currently supports gardens in 25 schools and 3 community gardens.  The gardens and related programs are placement sites for motivated UA students who participate in an internship-based course known as the Community and School Garden Workshop (CSGW).  Undergraduate and graduate students are tained in the basics of sustainable agriculture and then put their knowledge and skills to work in underserved Tucson neighborhoods.  The interns engage youth in hands-on learning, design garden sites, and facilitate learning activities. 

The CSGP team includes Moses Thompson, Rachel Wehr, Jessie Rack, Tammy Larson, Patricia Schwartz, and Diego Martinez-Lugo. The CSGP is funded in part by the Colleges of Social and Behavioral Sciences as well as numerous foundations and donors including the Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation and the Zuckerman Family Foundation.

Research Interests

Social Theory, Political and Cultural Geography, Critical Methodology, United Satets 


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Contact Information

Sallie Marston
Professor and Director, UA Community and School Garden Program
Telephone: 520-621-3903
Fax: 520-621-3903
Office: ENR2 S431


Ph.D.  Geography, University of Colorado, May 1986

M.A.    Geography, University of Colorado, August 1982

A.B.     Geography and Psychology, Clark University, December, 1974

Courses Taught

Geog 210  Political and Cultural Geography of Globalization

Geog 340H  Cultural Geography: "The Wire"

Geog 407/507  The American Landscape

Geog 497F/597F  Community and School Garden Workshop

Geog 696H  Political Geography

Geog 696C  Cultural Geography

Geog 658     Critical Methodological Practice