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Tom Evans is a new faculty member at SGC (January 2017). My current work focuses primarily on agricultural decision-making, food security and environmental governance but have had past projects related to deforestation/reforestation, urban ecosystems, community resilience. My work generally involves some aspect of household-level analysis coupled with environmental data and methodologically my projects usually involve use of spatial analysis, GIS, remote sensing and simulation modeling.

I have funding for graduate research assistantships and post-doctoral researcher positions for the 2017-2018 academic year - contact me if interested!


See more information here:

Understanding Cross-Scale Interactions of Trade and Food Policy to Improve Resilience to Drought Risk (National Science Foundation, BCS-1534544)

Impacts of Agricultural Decision Making and Adaptive Management on Food Security (National Science Foundation, SES-1360463)

Research Interests

Coupled Natural-Human Systems, Envirionmental Governance, Social-Ecological Systems, Agriculture, Food Security, Water Security, Rural-Urban Telecouplings

Selected Publications

For latest publications, see here:
Blekking, J., Tuholske, C. and Evans, TP. In press. Adaptive Governance and Market Heterogeneity: An Institutional Analysis of an Urban Food System in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sustainability.
Delaney, A., Evans, TP, McGreevy, J., Blekking, J., Schlachter, T., Korhonen-Kurki, K., Tamas, P., Crane, T., Eakin, H., Forch, W., Jones, L., Nelson., D., Oberlack, C., Purdon, M. and Rist, S. In press. Governance of food systems across scales in time of social-ecological change: A review of indicators. Food Security.
Lopus, S., McCord, P., Gower, D. and Evans, TP. In press. Drivers of Farmer Satisfaction with Small-Scale Irrigation Systems. Applied Geography.
Estes, L.D., Chen, P., Debats, S.R., Evans, TP, Ferreira, S., Ragazzo, G., Sheffield, J., Wolf, A., Wood, E.F. & Caylor, K.K. In press. A large-area, spatially continuous assessment of land cover map error and its impact on downstream analyses. Global Change Biology.
Carley, S., Evans, T. P., Konisky, D. M. 2018. Adaptation, culture, and the energy transition in American coal country. Energy Research & Social Science, 37:133-139.
McCord, P., Dell’Angelo, J., Baldwin, E. and Evans, TP. 2017. Polycentric transformation in Kenyan water governance: A dynamic analysis of institutional and social-ecological change. The Policy Studies Journal. 45(4):633-658.
McCord, P., Dell’ Angelo, J., Gower, D. and Evans, TP. 2017. Household level heterogeneity of water resources within common-pool resource systems. Ecology and Society, 22(1):48.


Waldman, K., Blekking, J., Attari, S. and Evans, TP. 2017. Maize seed choice and perceptions of climate variability among smallholder farmers. Global Environmental Change. 47:51-63.
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Tom Evans


PhD, Geography, University of North Carolina, 1998

BA, Geography, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VIrginia Tech), 1989