Arizona MDP alumni making news, again!

01/19/2017 - 10:31

Arizona MDP Alumnus Ian Philabaum was making news again for his work on immigration law in the United States. "We’ve basically arrived at a place where applying for asylum is not available to most people,” Philabaum is quoted as saying in a Washington Post article "U.S. border officials are illegally turning away asylum seekers, critics say". Philabaum spoke to the Washington Post in his role as Coordinator for the Centers of Excellence at the Innovation Law Lab, a nonprofit organization that works with immigration lawyers. This is not the first time Philabaum has made it into national news for his work on immigration. In March 2016 he was featured in a New York Times photo essay on Diley, TX: Home to the Nation’s Largest Immigration Detention Center. Philabaum was formerly the Advocacy Coordinator for the CARA Pro Bono Project at the Dilley Detention Facility. During his time at AZ-MDP, Philabaum worked with several migrant shelters throughout Mexico. This work was the basis of a report he published entitled: "Organized Insecurity and Migrant Experiences: Structural Violence, and the Construction of Spaces of Manipulation of Central American Migrants in Southern Mexico."

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