Carl Bauer Launches New Book

12/11/2015 - 11:45

SGD Professor Carl Bauer was in Santiago, Chile in late October 2015 for the public launch of his new book: the 2nd and expanded edition of Canto de Sirenas: El Derecho de Aguas Chileno como Modelo para Reformas Internacionales. The book is the Spanish translation of Carl’s 2004 book, Siren Song: Chilean Water Law as a Model for International Reform. Although the 1st Spanish edition was published in Spain in 2004, the new edition is published in Chile and includes two new chapters that update the analysis to 2015, including the current political debate in Chile about reforming national water law.

The new edition was launched at the International Book Fair in Santiago, with commentary by a panel of four well-known Chilean water experts. These experts represented a wide range of political perspectives on water issues, from left to right, and they included two NGO activists, a law professor, and the government’s Presidential Delegate for Water Resources. Carl closed the event by responding to the commentators. He was also interviewed by the publisher (

Carl is currently advising two SGD grad students who are doing thesis or dissertation research on water in Chile: Sarah Kelly-Richards and Sophia Borgias.

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