The Fall 2018 MDP Blog: Sustainable Food Practices, Environmental Protection, Human Rights, and More

05/11/2018 - 18:12



The Fall 2018 edition of the MDP Blog includes contributions from current students Deborah Dimmett, Philana A. Jeremiah, Sandra Wiebe, and Joseph Stewart based on their summer field practicums, as well as other research and advocacy activities. These posts were developed under the direction of MDP faculty member Dr. Stephanie Buechler.


"Combating Malnutrition in Sierra Leone through Aquaculture" by Joseph Stewart     "Although Sierra Leone’s national fish consumption per year is in-line with the global average, (17kg vs. 19.7kg), this isn’t necessarily the case in more rural, poorer areas. People in the... Read More
"Implementation of Plant-Based Menu Options in Universities," by Sandra Wiebe   "Transforming our current food system into a sustainable food system is at the forefront for reaching climate change targets, improving water quality, improving health, and reducing the number of... Read More
"Integrating Geographic Information Systems in Sustainability Planning in Eleuthera, Bahamas" by Philana A. Jeremiah     "Low lying countries such as The Bahamas, Indonesia and Thailand are at risk of being wiped off the map due to rising sea levels and climate change. The need to protect these countries’ unique... Read More
"Haiti's Prolonged Pretrial Detentions: A Legacy of Abject Human Rights Abuses" by Deborah Dimmett   "Haiti has long had a history of overcrowded prisons due in part to the large number of pretrial detainees.  A report by CBS News in 2017 stated that most of Haiti’s 11,000 inmates are pretrial... Read More


Also included on the blog is a link to an article written by MDP Student Michelle Schatz entitled "From Refugee to Restaurant Owner", which was originally published by the International Rescue Committee.


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