Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

To enhance and expand green spaces within urban neighborhoods, the project will assist with the planting of native species at a few of the Community Gardens of Tucson’s locations. In terms of environmental sustainability, native, low water-use plants facilitate the “cooling” of urban heat islands as well as protect the valuable water resources of a dry climate. In addition, natural vegetation provides a habitat for essential and endangered pollinators (i.e., birds, bees and butterflies). Lastly, the incorporation of native plant species into urban spaces also offers social benefits as it helps create a peaceful, inviting environment for communities to enjoy.

Currently, the project is in the process of planting native vegetation at two of the Community Gardens of Tucson’s locations: the Nottinghill and Keeling Gardens.


Community Gardens of Tucson’s Nottinghill Garden, September 2016


Community Gardens of Tucson’s Keeling Garden, March 2016