Project Outputs

Through the comprehensive collection and analysis of interviews conducted with backyard and community gardeners, the project developed several materials to connect gardeners to locally available resources, advance academic research on the benefits and barriers of urban agriculture, as well as inform local policies and programs that influence urban food security and agricultural production.


To access and download the project’s materials, please click on the title of each document.


In Brief: Greening the Food Deserts of Tucson, Arizona

In this two-page handout, you will find a summary of the applied research project, ‘Greening the Food Deserts of Tucson, Arizona.’ This includes the project’s research goals and its contributions to urban agriculture programs in Tucson. In addition, an overview of the project’s key findings is provided, as well as local policy and program recommendations.

Research Brief: Who Practices Urban Agriculture? A Socioeconomic Analysis of Las Milpitas de Cottonwood Community Farm in Tucson, Arizona

Run by the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Las Milpitas de Cottonwood is a six-acre community farm that serves as a gardening and educational cornerstone in Tucson. At no cost, Las Milpitas offers local residents the materials and support necessary for growing their own food, thereby making fresh produce more accessible to the wider community. To learn more about the community members participating in urban agriculture activities at Las Milpitas, the project administered a survey to gardeners planting at the community farm during the spring of 2017. Therefore, this research brief provides an overview of the results obtained through the survey.

Research Brief: Who Practices Urban Agriculture: A Socioeconomic Analysis of the Facebook Group ‘Tucson Backyard Gardening’

A public Facebook group, ‘Tucson Backyard Gardening’ provides a virtual space for local residents to connect and share their experiences of gardening in a desert climate. To learn more about the gardeners of ‘Tucson Backyard Gardening,’ the project administered an online survey through the group’s Facebook page. This research brief visually presents the survey’s results.


Tucson’s Urban Agriculture Network: A Resource Guide for Gardeners

In this resource guide, you will find a compilation of urban agriculture resources available to Tucson’s gardeners. This encompasses the organizations, businesses and councils working to provide gardeners with the knowledge, skills and materials to more successfully participate in urban community and backyard gardening.  In addition, the handbook includes a collection of handouts created by local organizations to equip gardeners with basic, yet essential information, such as how to plant with the seasonal calendar, as well as repair drip irrigation lines. With Tucson’s rich agricultural history, we hope this informational guide will further connect local gardeners to the organizations, businesses and communities committed to building a healthy, sustainable food system in Tucson, Arizona.