Melanie Meyers Colavito, PhD Candidate in the School of Geography and Development and Teaching Assistant for MS-GIST Program, will be speaking at the Tucson Area GIS Cooperative Meeting.

"From Shapefiles to Megawatts: Modeling Land Use Suitability for Renewable Energy Alternatives"

I will be talking about the development of GIS models to identify suitable locations for... Read more

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On August 10, 2012 Dr. Chris Lukinbeal, the Director of the Masters of Science in Geographic Information Systems Technology Program, was appointed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to serve on the... Read more
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GeoGRAX & Moonlite Enterprises, or GaMe for short, provide leading edge services and software for the mining community.  The company combines the resources of GeoGRAX GIS Services and Moonlite Systems with their first commercial software project aimed at making cloud based web mapping easy to create and administer.  Founded in 1991,... Read more
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Michael Robles, a MS-GIST graduate from 2011, has been selected for a paid internship with the City of San Diego and the San Diego Data Processing Corporation focused on fire mapping.

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Please click here to watch the 2012 Jan Monk lecture featuring Dr. Richa Nagar 2/17/12.

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Diana Liverman, co-director of the University of Arizona's Institute of the Environment, was honored recently with designation as a "distinguished professor" for her work, which includes the human dimensions in global climate change.


 Diana LIverman- Regents Professor



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Please click the link below to watch the talk

Corky Poster- My Arizona

3rd Annual "My Arizona" Lecture featuring Corky Poster sponsored by
The School of Geography and Development, Univ. of Arizona

"A Few Modest Urban Design Recommendations for Tucson's New Mayor"

This year's guest speaker is Corky... Read more
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This is a large team effort from across campus and many uinits, and the geographers in this project include Margaret Wilder, Chris Scott,
Sarah Kelly, and Heide Bruckner.
Project presentations will take place today at the Institute of the Environment in the Marshall Building, 845 N. Park Ave., Room 531. Between 830 and 11AM.... Read more

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Co-authored with our own Gary Paul Nabhan, and several friends of the School, including Thomas E. Sheridan, Kimberlee Chambers, and Eric Perramond.

You can find this editorial at the prestigious: Journal of Ethnobiology 31(1): 1–3
Post date: Thu, 08/11/2011 - 14:00

SGD's Sarah Lanius and Anne Ranek have been awarded Women's Network Travel Grants from the APCG Women's Network to support their presentations at this year’s Association of Pacific Coast Geographers meeting in San Francisco

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