Faculty Members

Robert Altschul's picture
Robert Altschul
Professor Emeritus
Email: daltschul2@cox.net
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Wayne Decker's picture
Wayne Decker
Director, International Studies (Retired)
Email: wdecker@email.arizona.edu
I am Co-Director of the SGD-based Master’s of Development Practice (MDP) degree and Director of the Global Political Economy and Development (PED) B.S. Concentration within the Global Studies undergraduate degree. Both within and outside the University I am deeply involved with technical innovation...
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Lay James Gibson's picture
Lay James Gibson
University of Arizona Distinguished Outreach Professor, Emeritus
Email: ljgibson@comcast.net
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Beth Mitchneck's picture
Beth Mitchneck
Professor Emerita
Email: bethm@email.arizona.edu
My research focuses on migration and displaced populations as well as on the geography of the former Soviet Union with an emphasis on personal social networks of migrants in Russia and Georgia. I am affiliated with the School of Government and Public Policy.  Over the course of the last 10 years,...
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Janice Monk's picture
Janice Monk
Research Professor, School of Geography and Development Research Social Scientist Emerita, Southwest Institute for Research on Women
Email: jmonk@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-8136
FAX: 520-621-2889
Office: ENR2 S550
Research and Professional Interests Current CV I am currently involved in two main areas of work, feminist/gender studies and projects related to graduate education in geography. The feminist work is...
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Gordon Mulligan's picture
Gordon Mulligan
Professor Emeritus
Email: mulligan@email.arizona.edu
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Leland Pederson
Professor Emeritus
Email: lpederso@email.arizona.edu
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Richard Reeves's picture
Richard Reeves
Professor Emeritus
Email: reeves@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-1652
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Thomas Saarinen's picture
Thomas Saarinen
Professor Emeritus
Email: saarinen@email.arizona.edu
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Marv Waterstone's picture
Marv Waterstone
Professor Emeritus
Email: marvinw@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-1478
FAX: 520-621-2889
Office: ENR2 S551
I have appointments both in the School of Geography and the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources.
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Stephen Yool's picture
Stephen Yool
Professor Emeritus
Email: yools@email.arizona.edu
Professor, School of Geography and Development. My long-term projects focus on biophysical/bioenvironmental geography and disturbance. I use remote sensing and spatial information systems to understand processes producing natural spatial patterns, and the effects of disturbance on these processes...
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