Name E-mail Telephone Office
Anchukaitis, Kevin 520-626-8054 ENR2 S514
Bailey, Keiron 520-626-4096 ENR2 S522
Banister, Jeffrey 520-621-1031 ENR2 S425
Barron-Gafford, Greg 520-548-0388 ENR2 S439
Bauer, Carl 520-621-1917 ENR2 S525
Bloch, Stefano 520-621-3311 ENR2 S-521
Buechler, Stephanie 520-626-5314 ENR2 S451
Champion, Ben ENR2 S534
Christopherson, Gary 520-621-6267 ENR2 S530
Comrie, Andrew 520-621-4403 ENR2 S531
Del Casino, Jr., Vincent J. 520-621-6688 Administration 401
Doshi, Sapana 520-626-8107 ENR2 S422
El Vilaly, Audra
Evans, Tom
Gerlak, Andrea K. 520-621-1842 ENR2 S518
Jones III, John Paul 520-621-1112
Kear, Mark 520-621-1021 ENR2 S515
Liverman, Diana 520-621-1652 ENR2 S517
Lukinbeal, Chris 520-621-6181 ENR2 S507
Marston, Sallie 520-621-3903 ENR2 S431
Myadar, Orhon 520-621-0221 ENR2 S519
Nelson, Lise
Oglesby, Elizabeth 520-621-5799 ENR2 S539
Osborne, Tracey 520-621-5798 ENR2 S527
Plane, David 520-621-1738 ENR2 S429
Rushbrook, Dereka 520-626-9820 ENR2 S426
Sanchez, Fernando 520-626-7004 ENR2 S533
Scott, Christopher 520-626-8473 ENR2 S421
Snyder, Katherine 520-621-1585 ENR2 S423
Staeheli, Lynn 520-626-7062 ENR2 S437
van Leeuwen, Willem 520 626 0058 ENR2 N410
Wilder, Margaret 520-626-7231 ENR2 S419
Woodhouse, Connie 520-626-0235 ENR2 S526


Name E-mail Telephone Office
Albrecht, Tamee
Anderson, Talia
Andrade, Yesenia
Arora, Mona
Balakrishnan, Sneha ENR2 N592
Bellante, Laurel
Borgias, Sophia ENR2 S570-DD
Brasher, Michael ENR2 S570-AA
Brice, Becky
Cabrera Pereyra, Jose Antonio ENR2 S470-CC
Colella, Tony ENR2 S595-FF
Crootof, Arica ENR2 S570-DD
Cunningham, James
Davies, Julia
Davis, Georgia
Edwards, Julie ENR2 S570
Elder, Alison
Farella, Josh
Fritzsche, Lauren
Fullerton, Chris ENR2 S470-CC
Garud, Pradnya
Gladstone, Fiona
Greene, Christina
Hartman, Julian
Hibberd, Robert ENR2 S595-DD
Isaak, Marissa
Iuliano, Joey Architecture Building
Johnson, Richard ENR2 S595-AA
Joshi, Nupur 520- 358-7145 S595 - FF
Karambelkar, Surabhi ENR2 S595-CC
Kelly-Richards, Sarah ENR2 S570-DD
Kinkaid, Eden
Kinnison, Jed 707.318.5876
Lawlor, Emma ENR2 S595-CC
Lynch, Casey
Martinez-Lugo, Diego ENR2 S595-DD
Meyer, Dugan
Miller, Taylor ENR2 S-427
Mills-Novoa, Megan
Morrison, Doug
Murphy, Patrick ENR2 S595-EE
Nichols, Carly ENR2 S595-CC
Owen, Gigi (520) 626-2362 Institute of the Environment, ENR2 Building, Office N510
Ozgur, Ozlem
Pakalniskis, Alex
Pietromica, Katrina 208.991.4528
Roh, Bokjin ENR2 S595-EE
Sharp, Laura ENR2 S570-BB
Silber-Coats, Noah ENR2 S595-CC
Smith, Shelby ENR2 S570-BB
Stieve, Tom ENR2 S570-CC
Sullivan, Thomas Slonaker House 107
Sutter, Leland BSW 133
Tintor, Will
Treacy, Nathan
vonHedemann, Nicolena (Niki) ENR2 S570-CC
Wilson, Jeff ENR2 S595-AA
Yang, Julia
Zemp, Christopher ENR2 S595-FF
Zhang, Yinan ENR2 S595-EE
Zhong, Qing ENR2 S570-BB
Ziaja, Sonya
Zimmer, Andy


Name E-mail Telephone Office
Cordova, Elizabeth S. 520-621-7486 ENR2 S-433
Henry, Vicki 520-626-8212 ENR2 S454
Kelly, Adriana (520) 621-7487 ENR2 S435
Lochner, Tawny 520-626-4325 ENR2 S535
Marlow, Debbie 520-621-1027 ENR2 S450
Percy, Amanda 520-621-5096 ENR2 S434
Smith, Raymond 520-621-1030 ENR2 S452


Name E-mail Telephone Office
Decker, Paula ENR2 S552
Hubbard, Malissa 520-621-3602 Arizona State Museum S207
Knudson, Chris
Ranek, Anne
Soto, Valente ENR2 S595-DD
Stuart, Matthew ENR2 S554


Name E-mail Telephone Office
Apicella, Morgan ENR2
Boyce, Geoff ENR2 S552
Brown , Heidi
Colby , Bonnie
Colombi, Benedict Harvill 237B
Crimmins, Michael 5206264244 Shantz 522
Dobbyn, Linda
Ernst, Kacey
Froehling, Oliver
Garfin, Gregg 520-626-4372
Günel, Gökçe
Herrmann, Stefanie
Hirschboeck, Katie
Holliday, Vance 520-621-4734 Emil W. Haury Building 406
Jacobs, Kathy
Joseph, Miranda 520 621-5839 Gender & Women's Studies Building, 925 N. Tyndall, Rm 107
Lee, Jamie School of Information, Harvill 435-A
Marsh, Stuart 520-621-8574 BioSciences East 325
Mayer, Brian
Megdal, Sharon (520) 621-9591 WRRC, 350 N. Campbell Ave
Morehouse, Barbara
Nabhan, Gary
Oren, Eyal
Pelletier, Jon
Schlager, Edella Social Science 339
Sheppard, Paul 520-621-6474 West Stadium 105c1
Swetnam, Tom 520-621-2112
Williams, Jill (520) 626-9152 202a GWS Building, 925 N. Tyndall Ave.


Name E-mail Telephone Office
Altschul, Robert
Decker, Wayne
Gibson, Lay James
Mitchneck, Beth
Monk, Janice 520-626-8136 ENR2 S550
Mulligan, Gordon
Pederson, Leland
Reeves, Richard 520-621-1652
Saarinen, Thomas
Waterstone, Marv 520-621-1478 ENR2 S551
Yool, Stephen